With the e-car “RENAULT ZOE”, we are setting another milestone in the area of sustainability and affordable, green mobility together with our cooperation partner and operator “FAMILY OF POWER”. The small e-car with electric power, its own charging station and its own parking space at Lazarettgürtel 55 is available for you to drive for as little as € 3.84/hour.

This is how it works:

  1. Register at www.familyofpower.com
  2. Pay a one-time fee of € 24 (1 cooperative share € 12 + FAMILY Card € 12)
  3. Receive the user agreement & SEPA direct debit mandate by e-mail and fill it in.
  4. Select rate
  5. Optional: Reduced SB with € 290,- for comprehensive insurance for € 50,- per year
  6. Copy of driving licence, signed user agreement & SEPA direct debit mandate SEND RETOUR
  7. RELEASE for FAMILY eCarsharing!
  8. Training appointment with eCarsharing advisor directly at the e-vehicle “Renault ZOE” & handover of FAMILY Card
  9. GO

2 eco rates are available: PLUS rate from € 3.84 per hour / € 38.40 per day (with 75 hours annual fixed quota); CLASSIC rate from € 4.80 per hour / € 60 per day. All kilometres driven are FREE – only the time used is paid for (¼-hour exact booking). The prices include green electricity, insurance, vignette and maintenance.

The CITYPARK ZOE by Renault has a real range of approx. 250 km (41kWh battery) and is fully charged again with green electricity in approx. 1 hour (44kW quick charge). All Styrian destinations as well as Vienna, Linz or Klagenfurt can be reached directly without charging.

For more information, please visit www.familyofpower.com.

Contact & contact persons:
DDI Gerd-Ingo Janitschek, Chairman Family of Power
Tel. (0699) 16 12 0010
Maria Aichberger, Member of the Board Family of Power
Tel. (0699) 16 12 0012

We wish you a safe journey!