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Comfortable arrival

We are easily accessible for you!

CITYPARK is centrally and conveniently located and is easily accessible by all means of public transport. With 2,000 XXL parking spaces at CITYPARK, you are guaranteed to find a suitable one for you! You can even charge electric cars during your stay at CITYPARK at our e-charging stations in multi-storey car park A on the first level. CITYPARK is well connected to the public cycle path network. Plenty of bicycle parking facilities with wheel-friendly hangers are also provided. In addition, the shopping centre is easily accessible by public transport – bus stops for bus lines 35, 52 and 66 can be found directly at the CITYPARK site. The taxi rank is located directly in front of entrance E1 (post office).

By car

  • 2.000 XXL-parking spaces
  • 2 Car parks (A&B)
  • 1 Outdoor parking (C)

By bus

  • Bus stops of the bus lines 35, 52 and 66 are located directly at the CITYPARK site.
  • Bus stops of bus lines 39, 67, 31, 32 and 33 are within 5 minutes walking distance
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Electric vehicles

  • Wallboxes (6 x Type 2 with 11 kW charging capacity)
  • Fast-charging stations (4 x CCS with 50 kW charging capacity, 4 x CHAdeMO with 50 kW charging capacity, 2 x Type 2 with 43 kW charging capacity)
  • Charging time to fully charge up to 80 % (depending on the vehicle) 11 kW: 2.5-4 hours /50 kW: 30-45 minutes
  • Payment options: The charging stations can be activated with all common charging cards (charging app) or payment by credit card by scanning the QR code.
  • Costs: These depend on the charging fees of your charging card provider.
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By bicycle

  • Covered bicycle parking spaces
  • rim-friendly hangers
  • Bicycle service box for small repairs
  • E-bike charging station

By tram

  • Start of construction expected in 2024
  • Line 8 from/to CITYPARK
Lazarettgürtel 55
8020 Graz

Parking stress free

Our extra-wide XXL parking spaces make parking as pleasant as possible so that nothing stands in the way of shopping pleasure. If you don’t have your own buggy with you so that you have enough space in the boot for your shopping, we can help you. We offer buggy rental at the visitor service on the upper floor.

Bicycles welcome

At all entrances and exits there are bicycle parking spaces with spoke- and rim-protecting brackets, most of which are covered. If you ever run out of air. There are two bicycle service boxes for minor repairs on site. There are also e-bike charging stations.


Arrival & Parking at CITYPARK
2,000 XXL parking spaces & public transport connections. Find out more about travel options now!
Arrival & Parking
There are 2,000 XXL parking spaces at CITYPARK Graz, the parking spaces in car park A and B are covered. The open-air car park C also offers space for taller vehicles. All parking spaces are extra-wide and comfortable. There are also separate parking spaces for bicycles and motorbikes.
Handicapped parking spaces
There are parking spaces for the disabled in the entrance area on each level of car parks A and B and at the open-air car park C.
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E-charging stations for cars
The e-charging stations at CITYPARK are located at car park A on the first level.
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Bicycle Self-Service Terminal
Two bicycle self-service terminals are located directly in the footpath zone and directly at the entrance exit from the post office. Repair, inflate tyres, fill air, immediate service.
Petrol station
The SOCAR petrol station in CITYPARK Graz is located directly at the roundabout. Petrol, diesel, low prices, car wash.
Bus connection
CITYPARK can be reached by bus lines 35, 52, 66, 39, 67, 31, 32 and 33. The bus stops of 35, 66 and 52 are located directly at CITYPARK, all others are a maximum of 5 a minute walk away.
Parking spaces for families
There are marked family parking spaces close to the entrances. In addition, all parking spaces are oversized and comfortable.
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Wheelchair rental
Free wheelchair rental at the customer service in CITYPARK, located on the 1st floor.
E-charging stations for bikes
The e-charging station for bicycles is located in front of entrance A1.
The taxi station in front of CITYPARK Graz is located at the outdoor car park C directly at the entrance/exit at the post office. Taxis are waiting for our visitors around the clock.
Car wash
The car wash at CITYPARK Graz is located directly at the SOCAR petrol station at the roundabout. Car cleaning, special wash, offers, car wash, interior cleaning, self-service.
Public Transport
CITYPARK Graz is directly accessible by bus lines 35, 50 and 66 as well as the train. The train station is a 5-minute walk away.
Motorbike parking
The motorbike parking spaces at CITYPARK Graz are located directly in front of car park B on the first level, these are all covered.
Barrier free
All public areas in CITYPARK are barrier-free.
Bicycle parking
The bicycle parking spaces at CITYPARK Graz are located in the pedestrian zone, at the open-air car park C and at the entrance exit directly at the Lazarettgürtel. Most of them are covered and rim-friendly.
Sidewalks and bicycle paths
CITYPARK is accessible on foot and by bicycle via asphalted footpaths and cycle paths suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.