Airea 55

The building store on the roof terrace. Take a seat at the Bausatzlokal Airea 55 with a unique view of the Schossberg in Graz.
Airea 55 offers the well-known and popular building kit concept: burger, salad, toast, pancake, egg, pasta, pizza building kits and much more. In theory, you can choose between tens of millions of different dishes at Airea 55 – kitchen service until 9 pm.
Excellent quality, a unique view, great ambience, perfect service and events with a great atmosphere and lots of fun await the guests. There are different feel-good zones such as a lounge area called “Couch Potatoe”, “Eagle Eye” is the name of the outdoor seating on the roof terrace with a direct view of the beautiful Schlossberg. There are also oversized TV screens, a dedicated music concept and a DJ area.