Die Putzerei

  • CARE-RELATED CLOTHES: SAUBERLAND gives hygienic cleanliness and a new shine to even high-maintenance products such as traditional costume clothing with lace and frills as well as wedding dresses, evening wear with sequins, pearls, flounces etc.. Uniforms and special professional or protective clothing are usually permeated with fine dust, oil residue, etc. Our special treatment works here to make you feel good again.
  • SHIRTS & BLUSES SERVICE: Why spend hours behind the ironing board when you can take your clothes home with you at SAUBERLAND in top condition, ready to hang in the closet, or just have your washed clothes ironed. Whether in the private or business sector, a clean shirt or blouse says something about its wearer. In recent years, many customers have taken advantage of our TOP shirt & blouse service. You have the possibility to choose: Shirt cleaning with or without hand ironing, laid or hanging on hangers, wardrobe ready.
  • LAUNDRY TABLE & BED LAUNDRY: Thanks to our modernly equipped laundry with a large-parts ironer, we can meet all your care requirements in the shortest possible time. You can also make use of the ironing or changing service only. Blankets, upholstery and duvets become hygienically clean and mite-free.
  • SAUBERLAND CARPET CLEANING: We offer you the possibility to clean your dirty carpets, runners, dirt-trapping mats, bridges or even the expensive oriental carpets through our efficient and long-standing partner company.
  • LEATHER & FUR CLEANING: We work with reliable partner companies that specialise in leather and fur cleaning. Therefore, we can also offer this area of care at a high level of quality.
  • SAUBERLAND CHANGING CUTTING also EXPRESS: Especially in the area of changing your clothes we offer you professional work in high quality by skilled tailors.
  • EXPRESS SERVICE also in CITYPARK: While you are shopping, we alter your wardrobe, also on Saturdays: e.g. shorten/tighten/widen trousers, zip service, open seams and missing buttons …