Physiotherapy for kids

Every child has a joy for movement.

We want to awaken this joy also in those whose conditions are not optimal for it. The children playfully come to terms with their own growing strength and learn how to control their bodies and set them in motion.

From infant…
We are a physiotherapy centre specialising in the treatment of children and adolescents (up to 16 years). We offer long-term care to accompany our young patients on a healthy path through life. Our practice is not only intended to be a therapy centre, we also want to be a meeting place for families. We advise you on medical topics, as well as on various leisure activities (baby swimming, riding lessons, etc.) to help you understand the possibility of a healthy development of your child.

… to teenager
It can be observed more and more often that young people suffer from posture problems. Treating these in time is important to avoid future damage. In adolescents, the aspects of physiotherapy for children and adults overlap. In addition to congenital and developmental problems, the focus here is already on posture problems and those caused by too one-sided stress. Sports medicine complaints, e.g. after injuries, also play a major role.  With young people, one can already count on much more self-reflection, create programmes, have them work with equipment and awaken their desire for active training.

Our working method
In cooperation with the parents and our interdisciplinary partners (speech therapy, ostheopathy), we adjust the therapy to the individual interests and needs of each child. Goals are set together with the parents and, depending on the age, also with the children. Within the framework of physiotherapy, the children are supported in their motor development in order to achieve the greatest possible independence in everyday life. Age-appropriate toys, materials and equipment are used to motivate children to move and to develop joy in their own activity. Coordination, balance, body perception and posture are worked on playfully. An important aspect of physiotherapy is the avoidance or prevention of consequential damage.

Reception hours for personal appointments:
Monday to Wednesday: 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
Thursday: 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

CITYPARK health centre / 1st floor
directly next to the shopping centre CITYPARK