MISTER MINIT – Webb Service

Shoe service: ” Top quality – if possible with express service”. This is the motto of MISTER MINIT, which carries out all types of shoe repairs. You can also get the necessary accessories for your shoes at MISTER MINIT: shoe laces, shoe care products, insoles, etc.

Keys: From simple room keys to locked system keys, we carry the entire range of a renowned locksmith. Of course, you can also get everything you need for keys such as key rings, fobs, etc.

Stamp service: Your personal stamp in 2-3 working days! Choose from the entire range of the well-known brands “Trodat” and “Colop”.

Sharpening service: Knives, scissors and other blades up to lawn mowers – MISTER MINIT sharpens professionally and lasting in a few minutes.

Bonus card: From 11 services you only pay for 10!