When Pearle opened its first shops in Austria in 1998, it started a small revolution in the domestic eyewear market. Suddenly there were specialist optician shops with competent advice AND quality glasses at very attractive prices.

That was the beginning of a great success story, which today continues to be written day by day in over 100 Pearle shops throughout Austria. Today, Pearle is part of GrandVision, Europe’s largest optician group with more than 5,000 shops in more than 40 countries around the world. And you as a customer also benefit from this!

We place the highest value on quality for all our exclusive brands and well-known brand products. This guarantees that you will enjoy your optical product for a long time. The specialists at Pearle will be happy to assist you and provide you with friendly, comprehensive and competent advice. From the first non-binding information, to a well-founded eye test, to the selection of the right product. And even afterwards, we are happy to be there for you with our services!

We keep our promises:

  • Clear prices – right from the start and always with a best price guarantee Thanks to our transparent pricing, at Pearle you don’t only find out how much your glasses cost at the checkout, but you have a say in it right from the start. We stand by our fair prices and offers.
  • The best advice from trained opticians – and always with a satisfaction guarantee In our Pearle branches, you can expect highly trained specialists who will advise you competently on all questions of optimal vision – from the initial information to the free eye test to the selection of the right product. We have the expertise in every respect.
  • Large selection and renowned brand products – and always with a quality guarantee Our range includes all products for the best vision:
  • Optical glasses: Distance and near glasses, reading glasses and varifocals
  • Sunglasses and optical sunglasses in every design
  • Contact lenses: daily and monthly contact lenses; both also in varifocal versions